Something For Nothing: Make Money Online

Something For Nothing: Make Money Online

With the reduction in prices helping the spread of technology in recent years more and more people have access to the internet through smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and from this comes the opportunity for people to make more money from nothing more than there device and internet connection. For those of us who are looking to make extra money on top of our full time jobs, this marketplace is a gold mine and the following ways are my favourite ways of making some extra cash online during the evenings and weekends.

  • Online Gaming

While there can be an element of risk with online gaming, there is also the opportunity to make money without any risk to yourself or your bank balance too. Many online poker sites offer freeroll tournaments where you can win yourself cash prizes or tickets to bigger tournaments and potentially more money, while my personal favourite section of the online gaming industry is online bingo. Online bingo sites offer freeroll games too, with both the UK/Irish 90 ball and US 75 ball games available to play for free with real money available to the winners. Another way of making some money that I came across recently was with the online bingo site who are offering £/$/€10 to those that create an account to try the site as they are so confident about their software that they are sure that people will return time and time again, and with this free money there is a great chance of making something from nothing on your new account.

  • Freelancing

With massive websites such as or allowing people to showcase their talents, skills and abilities online for others to offer them work or bid for available jobs themselves, finding extra work has never been easier. The sites are free to join and you can start bidding on work that suits your skillset and available time immediately so there is a excellence chance that you’ll be turning your laptop and internet connection into a part time home business within hours of signing up. What are you waiting for?

  • Blogging

It is free to create a WordPress account and site that will allow you to create your own blog to write down your own thoughts and publish them on the internet. Once you’ve done this you can also create affiliate accounts with advertisers to drive the traffic captured on your blog to other sites via your own personal links allowing you to generate an income from your visitors. If you’re able to grow your blog large enough you will be able to sell advertising space, and maybe even the page itself, to make yourself money after spending nothing to begin with. This option is one of the more long term payoffs though. Your blog could be about marketing, or vintage goods or even cakes.

  • Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are all free to create and all can be used as sources of income. The best of these three examples would be YouTube as you have the option to monetize your videos, meaning that you allow YouTube to place ads in your videos. Once you’re generating content that grabs the attention of people and they’re coming to you regularly and seeing these ads then you’ll be paid per view. Share these videos via Facebook and Twitter, as well as any other social media channel, to boost the views and you’ll have free money rolling into your account in no time at all!

The listed ways are just some of many, many opportunities for making money from nothing online, with selling podcasts in iTunes or selling your stuff on eBay or Craigslist other ways of generating income, so what are you waiting for? Get online now and line your pockets with the money that’s rightfully yours!

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