Five Budget-Friendly Ways to Get to Know the Real Fort Worth

Fort Worth isn’t like any other city in America, and you’ll notice why they dubbed this location as the City of Cowboys. Look, everyone seems to want to go to Dallas, and that’s fine.

But, when you’re looking for a family-and-budget-friendly vacation with a bit of a kick, then Fort Worth is where it’s at. Plus, with everyone packed into the RV, you’ll have plenty to see while driving and touring. For more budget-friendly sites and attractions in Fort Worth, keep reading.

Coyote Drive-in Theater

There isn’t a better place to park your RV, and take your family than to the drive-in. The drive-in movie theater reached its apex in the 50s-60s in America, where the number of drive-ins were in the thousands. Today, there are fewer and fewer drive-ins, which is unfortunate because they are the most exciting way to watch a movie.

When you’re under the stars, comfy in your RV, there isn’t anything better. Plus, you get to see the Fort Worth skyline in the background. It’s much better than movies in the park because you can turn the heater on in your RV and have privacy while still being outdoors.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

In the summer, there is no better place to hang out than at Six Flags Hurricane harbor. Then, you can certainly beat the heat at the refreshing water park. Under the Six Flags banner, you can expect a number of thrill slides along with man-made waves for boogie boarding and lazy rivers for inner tubes.

There’s even a seven-story slide for the more adventurous at heart. This isn’t your average water park, it is Texas-sized. Your children will do anything for at least a week after you take them here–they will also love you forever and ever. For adults, it’s a nice way to splash around and enjoy the man-made beach too.

Fort Worth cattle drive

You’ll feel like you’ve just experienced a blast from the past when you view the Fort Worth cattle drive that goes from Exchange Avenue and back around every afternoon. It’s nice to have a break from the concrete jungle with a bit of animal-life interaction.

The best place for the perfect view is from Stockyards Station and the Livestock Exchange Building. Park your RV, and take lots of pictures and video. You just don’t see something like this anywhere, or every day. You can see the drive daily from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The best part? It’s free.

Log Cabin Village

Another blast from the past can be experienced at the log cabin village. This picturesque village is located in Forest Park. It is essentially a grouping of 19th century pioneer cabins. Imagine life back in the days of pioneers compared to all the conveniences we take for granted today.

This is a good place to teach your kids a bit about pioneer and settler history in America and living on Texas’s homesteads. There are also guides to make candles, nails, butter and more. While there, you can tour a blacksmith’s forge, a schoolhouse, a herb garden and a grist mill.

There is also an onsite gift shop for cute souvenirs.

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

A visit to Fort Worth isn’t complete without a visit to the stockyards. This area was once filled with cattle and wild west saloons offering a bit of a break for passerbys.

Now, it is part of a historic district. You’ll find colorful and themed shops, museums and restaurants that go along with the history. But, while the kids are sleeping, there is nothing wrong with dancing at Billy Bob’s of Texas or The White Elephant Saloon.

Other notable attractions include the Stockyards Station and Cow Town Coliseum.

Final thought

Fort Worth is one of the most unique cities in America, chock-full of cowboy history and wonderfully preserved historic sites. With your family, and your RV, you are sure to have a boot-scootin’ blast.

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