5 Money Making Techniques For Extra Income Alongside Your Job

Money Making Techniques For Extra Income

It can be incredibly frustrating when you work five days a week and still don’t feel like you have enough money to cover debts or enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. While most will turn to money saving techniques, those with an extra bit of motivation could find that turning to money making techniques is a much more fruitful alternative. If you find yourself in a financial emergency, you could consider filling out a payday loan application, however there are alternative ways to bring in a little extra cash alongside your job. Here, we’re exploring just five of them.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

If you have time in the evenings or you’re free on weekends, you could opt for dog walking or pet sitting to earn a little extra money. Dog walking is a great way to get out into the fresh air and escape from your work life for a short period of time, while still earning money to do so. Alternatively, pet sitting gives you the chance to sit back and relax while keeping an eye on pets. You can usually pick and choose the pets that you take on, so if they’re known to be a handful you can always choose to bypass it.

Freelance Writing

If you have a way with words, freelance writing could be a great way to bring in cash while doing something you love. If you enjoy writing in your spare time anyway, turning this into money is as simple as finding websites that will take your content and pay you for the privilege. Alternatively, you could start up your own blog. As you begin to gain a following, you could monetise the blog through accepting advertisements, guest posts and affiliate links within your content.


Knowledge is a powerful skill, but it can also be a valuable one if you’re willing to put the time towards tutoring someone in a subject you know a lot about. Whether you opt for teaching children English as their second language, or you have a particular penchant for maths and want to tutor students through their exams, you can often choose your own hours, fees and even the length of sessions if you see fit.

Start A Home Business

Do you have a skill that other people would be happy to pay for? Are you crafty and can put together products to sell? If the answer is yes to either of these, you could set up your own business from home and start pulling in money and even a reputation. However, if you are in full time work, it’s important to make sure that this is permitted through your contract. Most companies will have a policy that prohibits their employees from starting up business related to their work activity during their employment or after, so make sure you read these terms in detail or even speak to your boss beforehand.

Rent Out Unused Space

If you happen to have a spare room, a driveway you don’t use, a garden that goes without attention for months on end or you’re away from home a lot, you could easily capitalise on this unused space! Sites such as Airbnb are making it easier than ever before for people to rent out rooms and homes for their own chosen periods of time to travellers in need of an affordable place to stay. Alternatively, renting out your driveway to commuters is another way to earn a bit of cash without having to lift a finger. Simply sign up for a site like YourParkingSpace or JustPark and you may be able to bring in  extra income with ease.

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