DIY Projects That Will Actually Prove Useful

Useful DIY Projects

DIY projects can often seem like something meant for those with too much time on their hands and a huge budget dedicated entirely to craft supplies. Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. While a lot of DIY projects can have you wondering why on earth someone would go to the effort for something that isn’t actually all that useful, for those wanting to save a bit of money and make something useful at the same time, you’re in luck. Same day loans may be available for those financial emergencies, but here, we’ve got some DIY projects that won’t break the bank.


Think about how quickly you go through detergent, especially with kids! Dirt, grime, accidents and more can all lead to at least two wash loads a week, and that’s at a minimum! When you think about all of the money spent on laundry detergent as a result, this can quickly add up… unless you DIY it! There are plenty of recipes and instructions available online, but most of these will only require soap, water softeners and a booster or two. While using strong laundry detergent for those stubborn stains is perfectly fine, the homemade alternative could be a great way to save money on those ‘casual’ washes.

Money Boxes

If you want to teach your children about saving money, why not make your own a money box? Money boxes aren’t traditionally expensive in the long run, but if you start the saving process by not spending anything at all, or at least very little, you’ll be starting it all off on the right foot. If you have spare jars or cans, make sure that they’re fully cleaned out before breaking out the paints and getting messy with the kids as they paint up their own money boxes. Let them dry, cut a hole in the lid big enough for coins, and hey presto – your very own homemade money box!

Update Your Clothing

If your wardrobe is looking a little drab and you don’t have the money to get out and buy a bunch of new things, why not spruce them up yourself? Whether you dye stained shirts, use fabric paints to put together a completely different look, cut out summer-worthy holes into plain t-shirts or go all out and turn a huge t-shirt into a dress, the fashion world truly is your oyster. Take a look at tutorials online for a few ideas and before long, you’ll be coming up with all sorts of new ideas to make a whole new wardrobe while barely spending a penny.

An Outdoor Canopy

As summer rolls around, things can get hot and spending too much time in a sweltering garden can leave you praying for a bit of shade. If your outdoor space is prone to direct sunlight and you have a few tools to hand, picking up a few PVC pipes, washing line and weather-proof cloth could be a much more cost-effective way of putting together a canopy for that much-needed reprieve from the heat. There are tutorials and instructions online, so one of them is likely to suit your budget and skill level.

Spruce Up Cutlery

If you’re the type to invite guests over on a regular basis but your cutlery is starting to look a bit drab, fear not! While this isn’t necessarily the most necessary of DIY projects, giving your table wear a new lease of life with a can of spray paint, some painters tape to protect everything but the handles and a clear coat spray paint to go over the top and keep everything in place is cost-efficient, simple and effective!

Hopefully, this list has given you a few projects you’d like to get started with that can actually prove useful over the coming months. Whether you’re desperate for a new look, or you’re simply trying to teach the kids a bit about saving money, hopefully, these tips can help you on that journey.

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