The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Shapewear

Choosing the Best Shapewear

Statistics tell us that a whopping 73% of women update a quarter of their closet every 3 months, spending up to an average $800 per year on clothing. Now you may be a fashionista on a large salary who can afford to see this as an investment, but for the majority of household budgets are tight, so people don’t have the spare cash to spare for new clothing. This can be a particular issue for new Moms, whose shape has changed since having children, or those of us who have gained a few pounds. However, don’t despair, you don’t need to invest in a whole new wardrobe. Rather than look to replace your outerwear, try investing in some new shaping underwear. By selecting the right shapewear, you can streamline your figure and fit back into your clothes, saving you time and money. Here are our top tips, to make sure you buy what’s right for you and your body shape:

Shapewear for Women

Select the right level of control

As a general rule, there are three levels of control available for plus size shapewear:

  • Light control, whichsmooths out problem areas. This shapewear is comfortable for everyday use.
  • Firm control, whichcinches in problem areas and provides figure-reducing shaping.
  • Extra-firm control, this shapewear uses reinforced panels for extreme contouring and smoothing. Corsets provide the highest level of control, using boning to help you achieve that perfect hourglass figure. This type of shapewear is only comfortable for a few hours at a time.

Buy your correct size

Women tend to think that by buying a size down, they’ll achieve greater contouring. However, this isn’t the case. You’ll simply cause unsightly bulges which will actually make you look bigger. Also, not only will you be incredibly uncomfortable but all that constriction can risk your health. In order to select the correct size, carefully take your measurements, be honest about them and check the size guide twice before ordering.

If you have the correct size but are struggling to get into the garment, try applying a little talc to the inside of the material. Also, make sure you’ve cooled down after a shower, as it will be tricky to wiggle into shapewear when you’re already hot and flustered.

Know the areas you want to target

Just as women’s bodies come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, there are also a large variety of shapewear options to choose from. To make sure you’ve selected the right item for you, here’s our breakdown of what’s available, depending on your needs:

  • Full coverage – If you’re looking for streamlining and control from your bust to your knees, then consider purchasing a full body or shaper slip. There are also open bust options, which allow you to wear your own bra, if you don’t require help lifting and shaping your cleavage.
  • Nip in the waist – If your waist is your problem area, then shaper tanks and camisoles will provide light control. Options for more heavy-duty waist control include waist cinchers, which can reduce your waist measurement by 1-3 inches and are worn over your underwear; and corsets, which you wear in place of a bra and will provide more extreme shaping.
  • Tummy and bottom toning – Control briefs are the best option for targeting these areas. These come in a variety of control levels and styles – from panties to boy shorts. The most diverse and popular shapewear out there, these provide tummy control, smoothing and enhancing your shape. Higher waisted styles in particular will also ensure your torso is streamlined from just under your bust. When you try this style on, make sure you move around a lot, sitting down and standing up, to ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t roll down.
  • Thigh slimming – similar to control briefs, but coming down to your mid-thigh or knees, this shapewear will help smooth and streamline your thighs. Again, choose a higher waisted option if you’re also looking for tummy control.

So whatever your shapewear needs – whether you’re just looking to feel more comfortable in your everyday skinny jeans or for more extreme body shaping to help you fit into that party dress, there’s a solution for you. Follow our simple guide and tips and you’ll make the right choice, helping you fit into your clothes more comfortably and get out there feeling confident and body positive!

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