Kenmore Elite 41072 Review: Do Your Family Laundry Faster and More Efficiently

Kenmore Elite 41072 Review

Laundry cleaning can be a time consuming and a tiresome chore, especially when you have a big family. As such, moms with big households need to have a large, heavy-duty washing machine designed to handle hefty loads of laundry. The Kenmore Elite 41072 packs quite a punch, with its 5.2 cubic feet tank making it ideal for a big house.

Form bedding sheets to comforters, this washing machine can take every kind of dirt that you throw in its way. Its generous proportions eliminate it among the most energy-efficient front-loading washers, but it’s a powerful appliance with a range of interesting features to handle your laundry without issues. Your water and electricity bills will certainly go a notch higher compared to your small unit, but it’s certainly worth it. Here’s the Kenmore Elite 41072 review to know what to expect, if you buy it.

Washing Features

Moms with large families are bound to fall in love with the Kenmore Elite 41072 washer due to its huge number of washing cycles. It features five soil levels, 14 wash cycles and eight wash options. If your household has a toddler, this washing machine offers a powerful sanitize option that comes in handy if you prefer cloth diapers.

Aside from sanitizing your child’s laundry, you can take advantage of the kids wear cycle to eliminate residual detergent and bleach that may affect a young skin. This cycle offers a second rinse that removes every trace of the detergent to ensure it’s safe for your kid’s sensitive skin.

If your kid is still learning how to eat or play without making a mess, the Steam Treat function comes in handy. That will eliminate set-in stains without damaging the fabric or adding wrinkles on your garment. The machine also automatically adjusts itself if you put the wrong spin speed, soil level and wash temperature combination.

Bonus Features

Drum Light

To easily know when your washing machine is on and save energy, the Elite 41072 illuminates a blue LED light when you press the power button. However, the light turns off when you shut the door and begin the cycle. However, it can light during a cycle if you press and hold the Extra Rinse button for a few seconds. You should note that your clothes may appear yellow inside the washer when the light is on due to its reflection.

Control Lock

If your small children are likely to press the buttons while playing, the control lock is all you need. This feature disables the controls once set, ensuring that your kids don’t change the settings without your consent. However, you’ll need to disable the function to use the washer again.


While it has a high operation, water and power costs, the Kenmore Elite 41072 initial price indicates it’s not a bad investment. This washing machine is well within the $1000 range, giving you lots of cubic feet for every dollar.

What We Like

  • Its interior washtub has ample space for huge loads
  • A wide array of washing cycles
  • Great initial price

What We Dislike

  • Its large size isn’t water and power-efficient


While the Kenmore Elite 41072 isn’t impressively energy-efficient as other units we’ve seen, it’s worth your money for its huge capacity. However, it’s still good enough to warrant an EPA Energy Star ass it has a lot to offer large families.

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