5 Tips for an Awesome Welcome Home Party

Farewell parties are a bittersweet event. They’re a chance to get together with your loved ones and reminisce over fond memories, but they’re also an opportunity to say goodbye to someone you really care about. Welcome home parties, on the other hand, are all about positivity. While there may still be a few tears shed on the day, the overall theme of these kind of events is a reunion.

When your loved one comes home from the military, a studying program, a distance job, or anything else, a welcome home party is the perfect way to show them how much you really missed them. Here are some great ideas to start the occasion on the right foot.

1.    Make or Order Their Favorite Food

The person who’s been away probably missed you more than anything else that they didn’t have access to when they were away. However, if they’re a food lover, there’s a good chance that they have a favorite dish that they can’t wait to eat again too. When you’re planning your welcome home party, try getting hints on what kind of foods your loved one has really missed.

If they’ve been telling you how much they wish they could get a pizza from their favorite takeaway joint for months now, or they’ve been talking about their favorite tacos, make sure that you have an order prepared. Sometimes, even a homecooked meal could really blow your loved one away if they’ve been craving your cooking.

2.    Choose the perfect venue

Sometimes, home is the best place for a party, particularly if you’re welcoming someone back into your life. The location can spark some wonderful memories, and really get your friend or family member feeling like they’re back where they’re meant to be. However, if your home is a little too small for a big event, you might need to consider a different venue.

Think about a location that’s going to be meaningful for the person that you’re celebrating for. For instance, you might be able to track down an awesome place at their favorite bar or club. Or could you throw the party in a local park if the weather’s nice? Put some feelers out ahead of time to make sure that you’re prepared for the big day.

3.    Pick the Perfect Gift

Gifts aren’t always a must-have for a welcome home party, but they can be an excellent way to make the day a lot more memorable. This is your chance to choose something meaningful to surprise your loved one with, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You could even pay for an experience somewhere local so your friend or family member can soak up the experience of being back home.

For instance, why not pay for a pampering package at a local salon, complete with manicures, massages, and hair cuts for the person in question. Make sure that they feel fresh and like themselves again so that they can settle back into their lives as quickly as possible.

4.    Plan the Playlist

There are few things more important to a great party than the right playlist. This is the time to choose a lot of triumphant sounding songs that are all about being reunited or people finding each other again. Classic songs like “Welcome home” will also fit the theme pretty well. Remember that you can stick to a theme if you like, but it may also be a good idea to think about what kind of songs your friend or family member will enjoy most.

Work with other friends and loved ones to put together the perfect playlist and remember that the music should be as happy and positive as possible.

5.    Make it a surprise

One of the best ways to make a welcome home party even more special, is to make it a surprise. Welcome your loved one back to their town or city as normal, by finding them at the airport and letting them relax for a good night’s sleep as soon as they touch-down. However, once they’re fully rested, make sure you show them how much you really appreciate seeing them again by surprising them with an amazing party.

The important thing to remember here is that everyone needs to keep the celebration under wraps until the right time for the surprise to be a true success. Make sure you have an alibi in mind in case someone gets suspicious.

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